Saturday, March 14, 2015

Television watching


Television I believe has become obsessive.  I have had thoughts about what to watch and in my view, it is not healthy.  I do wonder if television and what I watch has become a form of idolatry.  I at times turn the television off because it is the safe thing to do, not because I believe it is the right thing to do. I have not allowed You into and put You first.  What would Jesus watch and how would he handle this situation?  Help me to abstain from all appearance of evil and I think that there is an abundance of evil in television.  There are things I would avoid because of its content.  There are others I would avoid because of the avoidance associated with OCD.  I have difficulty with avoidance.  I watch safe shows and listen to safe music.  I like to watch safe movies.  I don't like themes of female infidelity or even racism at times.  There are times when I am drawn to them, not because I like these tv shows, but as a way to overcome fear.  I don't watch because of the anxiety is produces.  I am fearful of what would trigger a new set of thoughts.  I don't wish to disobey You when it comes to tv watching or anything.  Could it be a way that is not pleasing to You?  Help me when it comes to putting You first in all things, even something as obsessive and mundane as television watching.  Show me what I need to do in all things and show me who or what I need to focus on.  I do like to watch religious programming but all of them are not truthful.  I like to watch some sports but it is safe.  I like to watch dramas and a few talk shows, but they are only safe for me to watch.  I don't want to be safe.  I want to be strong in my faith and I want to overcome my obsession or rather "idolatry" when it comes to television.  I wonder if I have made television my God instead of You.  If I have done so, then I am truly sorry.  I wish I had the courage to overcome this obsession.  Help me to turn this tv off.  Give me wisdom in all things.

In Jesus' name,