Sunday, March 22, 2015

How and what I am feeling today


I thank You that things have improved for me.  Your Word gives me great comfort.  Talking to You also gives me great comfort.  There is still some ways to go, but as of right now, I am feeling better. I am sorry if I have allowed television to become a form of idolatry.  I have obsessive thoughts about television and that I admit has me worried.  I am concerned that my thoughts will worsen.  I cannot take what will happen Tuesday.  Maybe I need to relax.  I don't mean to be so disrespectful.  I need help and I know I need help.  Obsessive thoughts have become a burden to me.  I ask that You would lift my burdens, lighten the load, so to speak.  My desire is to never have those thoughts come back. I don't want to just manage my thoughts.  My desire is to be healed like I have forgotten that I have these thoughts.  Everything seems to be a dilemma.  Help me to prioritize my life.  I could use some help.  As a matter of fact, forgive me for not making You my first Priority.  I am sorry for not doing that and I am sorry because I am in such need.  Lord, give me wisdom.  May I not allow myself to reason things out and not to try to fight them.  I am still bothered by these thoughts so neither have been of help.  Also, may I not allow myself to get caught up in the things of the world. Help me to see that things will be alright and that this too shall pass.  I have come to realize that there are things that don't have to be a so-called dilemma.  I believe that all of this is a symptom of a much larger issue.  I ask You for help and healing.


Letters to God