Saturday, June 8, 2013

Obsessive thoughts are frustrating

Dear Heavenly Father,

I feel weak.  I wish I have never read the lyrics to that song, listened to that song, watched that movie,or read that book.  Nothing seems real or joyous anymore.  This is why I hate avoidance.  I want to live for You and serve You, Lord. 

Having these obsessive thoughts is very hard at times.  I am drawn to the things I know that I should not be drawn to, but there are times when I give in.  I can't take these thoughts anymore.  I hate having obsessive thoughts.

I am just frustrated and I don't know how to get rid of them.  I want to get rid of them myself, but that would leave You out, and that is not fair.  I need You, Lord. 

Take them away.  Do what You will.  Why do I have these thoughts?  What is the meaning of these thoughts?  What significance do they have?  What happens in the grand scheme of things?

What will happen in the grand scheme of things?  Will the thoughts dissipate?  Will they disappear?  Why do I have these thoughts?  I hate having them.  I need something to occupy my mind with.  Nothing seems to matter anymore, and that is making me sad.

Help me, Lord.  Help me.

Letters to God