Friday, June 14, 2013


Dear God,

Today was a good day.  I am sorry for not always being careful with the words that I use.  I don't like the idea of cursing.  It is classless and can be hurtful.  I find it crass especially that someone would use the f-word.  That is just a nasty word and that I wish it never existed in the English language.  I just hate cursing.  It is just plain disrespectful.  The mouth often if not always says a lot or rather, everything, about a person's overall character.

I am not saying that just because someone curses that they are automatically bad people, but I think cursing is not a good thing.  Some people curse in anger and frustration.  Other people do it because of what their lyrics say and others do it to express themselves, even at the expense of others.  It is so sad that some people feel that they have to curse.  The worst kind of cursing is when one takes your name in vain.  That is just disrespectful and just plain wrong.  Hopefully, I have never blasphemed you or even had a negative thought about You.  Forgive me for all of my sins.  Set a watch over my mouth, O Lord.  Set a watch over my mouth and may the doors of my lips be clean. 

I love wholesome things and wholesome people.  Wholesome people in my view are loving, classy, kind, and don't feel that one has to curse in order to express themselves.  Cursing is just a horrible thing to do.  I don't know exactly why some people feel the need to curse.  It isn't cute when a child does it and it isn't funny when an adult does it either.  Father, I ask that you would guard my heart, mouth, ears, and eyes.  May I shut my eyes and ears to what is vile.  May I speak when necessarily with salt and light. May my heart be pure in all things.

Letters to God