Thursday, June 20, 2013

Fame and celebrity

Dear God,

How much stock do we really put into celebrity and being famous?  This is just an interesting question that I know has its answer.  I believe that we as Americans put way too much stock in celebrity and being famous.  The problem is, too many people are famous for all of the wrong reasons.  Some people are worth more dead than they were alive.  Others seem to feel that they have to be famous in reality in order to feel better about themselves.  I admit that I could be wrong about that and that I could be generalizing here.  I have a crush or rather an obsession on a famous person, so I guess I am no better than anyone else.  Everyone supposedly either wants their fifteen minutes of fame, or already has had their 15 minutes of fame. 

We live in a culture of celebrity.  Their lives and deaths are on the mouths of everyone.  They are often featured on the front page.  The reason why fame exists is to provide an escape from reality.  The celebs are rich but they don't live glamorous lives.  Many of them are damaged, ungodly people who need prayer.  Many don't take the time to realize that they are too sinners who are in need of a Savior. I don't mean to say that fame in itself is bad, especially if one worked hard to become the best at what they do, whether they sing or dance or act.  But that is a balanced view of celebrity I guess.  I can live without worshiping or spending my time hating on a celebrity as well.

 That is when things become unbalanced.  I wonder if I committed such idolatry.  Have I wasted my life with idolatrous behavior?  Have I spent too much time with fame or wondering what it will be like to be famous?  How much do I need to know about the reality of celebrity?  Have I spent too much time obsessing about tv, movies, books, and the internet?  I believe that I do need to spend more time with you and less time obsessing about the famous person.  I have difficulty with having obsessive thoughts about the person in question and about anything dealing with fame.  I don't want to be famous per se, but I wonder what it will like to be famous in fantasy.  I have become unbalanced in my view of celebrity and fame. 

Help me to have a balanced view of fame.  I bind and cast down all vain imaginations about fame and about mass media.  I repent of all of my sins, including lustful, adulterous thoughts, obsessions, and  sinful fantasies, and idolatry.  Forgive me, Lord for not spending enough time with You.  Help me to see that I can be an over comer and help me to be obsessed or have a crush with You and your word.  May I search and read and study the Scriptures daily.  I will pray daily.  I won't lie.  I won't steal.  I won't make any vows or false promises.  Nor will I live an unbalanced, ungodly life.  I will have to answer for those things.  Thank You for saving me and for answering my prayer.

In Jesus' name,