Monday, June 17, 2013


Heavenly Father,

I turn things over to You.  I am thankful that we are in a relationship.  I love You and I am in a relationship with You because of what You have done for me.  I am here to write to You because I would like to spend even more time with You.  I cannot take my life anymore.  I want to leave this world and just give up.  I feel like giving up right now.  I give you total and complete control over my life and my affairs.

I have allowed the littlest things to get to me.  I cannot take it anymore.  Everything that I ever done under my power has failed.  I have no peace of mind and I ask for peace of mind.  I am burdened and I come to You.  I feel so overwhelmed and so frazzled right now.

I just cannot take it anymore.  I hate things the way they are.  My health is not great.  I am dealing with obsessive thoughts all the time.  I just have a lot of things that I wish to do, want to do, and need to do.  There is so much on my plate psychologically.  How do I begin to take things one at a time?  Where do I begin?  Lord, where do I begin?

Give me rest.

In Jesus' name,