Thursday, July 23, 2015

My petition

Heavenly Father,

Why do I have thoughts about gross things sometimes?  Gross things scare me.  The idea of those gross things ever happening make it certain in my mind.  I pray that that doesn't happen.  I have had obsessive thoughts about this for a long time.  I tend to walk eggshells around him because of my temper.  I am tired.  I need a life of my own and a way of escape.  No matter how hard I try, nothing seems to be working for me.I also ask that You would open doors for me so that I can escape.  I however, believe that You have a will for me.  I still do wonder why am I here.  Why am I here?  What is the purpose of staying here?  I wish that a change will happen.  Furthermore, I will leave it in Your hands.

Thank You, Lord.

In Jesus' name,