Monday, July 20, 2015

Help me.


Help me. Teach me  how to pray.  I know I have to be honest.  I tried to do so this morning.  I need Your wisdom and guidance in this matter.  I ask You for the words to say.  I don't want to pray words and not mean them.  I want to be  honest with You.  I need Your help.  Show me what I need to do.  It is an ongoing problem that just won't go away.  I cannot do this all by myself.  It is as if I am making it worse and worse and worse.  I ask that You would show me how to just relax because it is now in Your hands.  I am just worried or rather concerned right now.  Lord, In Your name, show me what I need to do  My petition is that I don't want to remain having those concerns because of a lack of wisdom and direction.  Your answer is greatly appreciated; I give You thanks for Your answered.