Friday, July 17, 2015

Having doubts that I can no longer take anymore

Lord Jesus,

I know that the phrase, "come into my heart" are literally not in the Bible.  I realize that there is much deception in the church and I have believed things that are deceptive like that phrase.  I receive You now as Lord and Savior.  I believe that You died on the cross for me and that the Father rose You from the dead.  I ask that You would save me, for You are the only Way to the Father, I want to produce good fruit and I feel that I have not, especially this past week.  I am not proud of the way I carried myself for the past few days and for that, I am sorry.  I repent of all of my sins.  I also ask that You would give me the assurance that I am saved, and not lost.  I realize that much of my doubting stems from obsessive thoughts that won't go away.  I could pray them away, but I worry that it won't work.  I ask that You would give me peace of mind and that the Holy Spirit would reveal to me that I am a child of the Father, and a Joint-heir with You.  I am in need of help.  I ask You for this miracle and all miracles.  I also ask that You would fill me with the Holy Spirit.  I take too much time listening to the opinions of others.  I have no idea who is genuine and who in the church is false.  I don't understand things like Calvinism or Lordship Salvation.  I am not too sure if even a preacher is genuine or an Antichrist that has come into the world.  I ask that the Holy Spirit would guide me so that I won't listen to the opinions of man, but to listen to You, Lord.  I want to know You.  I also want for You to know me.  I want to live for You and serve You all the days of my life.  I thank You for answering this prayer.  I praise You that You are holy.  With You all things are possible.

In Your name, Jesus,