Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Help me to be an overcomer.


Oh no!  Help me to overcome my fears about quitting.  If I could blog, then I could exercise.  Right now, I am afraid of failure and I am afraid to quit.  Give me the wisdom and the strength to not quit and to not allow fear to take over.  I am writing this because I had this plan of exercising daily and creating these meal plans. However, what I am left are meal plans I have difficulty following, and a mindset that says that I need to give up.  Right now I feel like giving up.  Losing weight is harder than I thought.  My goal is to stay on this journey, but my goal is not to remain frustrated.  I lost 9 lbs today and I am proud of myself.  Really.  I am so tired and so frustrated.  I have grown tired of the frustration.  How do I keep it simple?  Show me, when it comes to meals and meal plans, where to begin.  How do I have the energy to get back to exercise?  Give me that strength back.  I don't feel good and I feel so lazy right now.  My goal is to lose weight and to follow a realistic plan  Lord, I ask that You would give me the opportunity to renew my mind.  I know and am aware that I need to see things differently.  I don't want to "start over".  I want to keep moving and I certainly don't wish to quit.  I also ask for a change in mindset.  I tend to see things one way and that has been unproductive.  Well, I want to be productive, but I have no idea what to ask and when I need to start. Where do I begin?


Letters to God