Saturday, July 19, 2014

Setting no evil thing before my eyes

Dear God,

I have come to see if a Baptist preacher were to show the movie in his church, he would be in a lot of trouble.  The movie does show a nude scene so chances are, they won't show it in a church.  I just realize that and for that, I am thankful to You.  

What would Jesus do in this situation?  How do I follow Jesus when it comes not only to my entertainment habits but to all things?  I admit that I don't always follow Jesus' example.  For instance, I realize that I put too much stock into entertainment.  I even have obsessive thoughts about what to watch and what to avoid.

I am sorry that I am using this question WWJD to avoid things but I realize that there can be a healthy avoidance to things.  I will set no evil thing before my eyes.  I wondered yesterday if I were to watch tv would some content be an example of setting evil before my eyes.  Is it true that David was speaking of a healthy avoidance to stay away from bad influences?

I didn't think about that until yesterday.  I give You all credit and all praise for what has just happened.  It is as if my eyes were clear and my anxiety just went away.  I wish I could give no credence to those thoughts and let the thoughts pass but it is hard.  Help me to do the things I think are hard.  Help me to do what is possible for You.  What is hard for me is to break the obsessive compulsive cycle.


Letters to God