Sunday, July 20, 2014

Putting God as my #1 Priority


Thank You for saving me.  I believe that when I put You first in my life, all things will fall into place.  I believe that even Your words say so.  I read something about that in the book of Matthew where all these things shall be added unto me.  I have been anxious for a long time about a lot of things.  I put things in a laundry list that has led to disappointment and even more disappointment.  Help me to put You first in my life.  I want to make You my first priority.  I have admittedly not done so and it is not something I am proud of.  Lord, help me to see that what I watch on TV has allowed me to be caught up in the things of the world.  I have lost sight at times on what is most important.  Thank You for opening my eyes.

In Jesus' name,