Thursday, July 17, 2014

Financial matters-Private letter

Dear God,

I plan to purchase a house soon.  The problem is, I don't have the funds.  I need $200,000 to cover the costs of transportation, repairs, insurance, and furniture.  Like I mentioned earlier, I don't have the funds.  I prayed to You about this and I strongly believe that my prayer will be answered.

I have a house that I wish to purchase.  It is not an expensive house and it is less than a mile from me. Judging from my low income and my credit, it will be difficult to purchase a home, but it won't be impossible. I am in my late 30s and it is time for me to be independent.  I have been wanting to be independent for years, but I promise I will not neglect my mother.

I plan to make arrangements to buy that new house and to tell her in advance.  I also plan to fill out a form that will be made out to me.  It is a pre-qualifying statement that will determine how much my loan could be. I am praying that You would open a door for me.  I promise to make good on my promise.

I have grown tired of walking on eggshells.  I don't have much peace in this house.  In fact, I am bored.  I am cooped up in this house most of the day accept when I have appointments.  I cannot drive and I have no transportation of my very own.  I am not sure who will teach me how to drive though I have some idea who could.  It is as if I am not trustworthy enough to be taught.

I know it will require a lot of money for gas, oil, paperwork, cleaning, insurance, and repairs but I need a car or van of my very own.  I have never driven a car and I would like to learn.  I feel like the world has passed me by and it is hard to learn that it has.  People may age have cars, kids, jobs, and homes of their own. Most of them even have friends that they contact offline.  I don't have that and it makes me feel embarrassed.

It has been ten years or so since I have been to school.  I wonder if that is what You have in store for me.  I need help, Lord, moving forward and moving on.  I just wish I know what to do.  Thankfully I am grateful that You are in my life and that You are the Leader of my life.  I put You first in all things and I ask that You would open doors for me.  I cannot afford to go to school or to buy a home and I don't want to get into any debt.  I cannot even afford a car.  I wonder how I can.  What I want most of all is to be finally sound and self-sufficient.


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