Saturday, August 17, 2013

In relation to food

Dear Heavenly Father,

I love sharing with others my views.  I feel better after sharing those things.  I feel like a million bucks right now.  I am well at rest.

Thank You for everything You have done for me.  I really appreciate all that You have done.  I don't feel like I should be obsessed with every little detail.  It was getting on my nerves.

I began to grow tired.  Losing weight is a difficult journey.  I have been on that journey for over 9 months now and I have hit a rough patch.  I realize that exercising more, moving around more, and eating better are the key.  Why do I have to make it hard?  My counselor said to keep it simple, so that is what I am going to do.

There is no rocket science or quick fixes to losing weight.  I am blessed with what I have.  I have the food to eat, the motivation to lose weight, and the spirituality and strength to carry through.  There are many who do not know You.  There are others who have given up on losing weight and feel guilty about doing so.  There are many more who weigh over 300 lbs who are unable to move around because of pain.  Help me to be mindful of people who are also in need of food.  May I pray for them, be mindful of them, and help those who are in need.

There are many people, especially children, who go to bed hungry.  Many children especially will die because they don't have any nutritious food to eat.  I live in a country where many of us are getting too fat because we are eating improperly.  There are others who have a hate/hate relationship with food because they are afraid of getting fat.  It is sad because there are many here who worry about obese people, and that is understandable.  There are many who are overweight and obese who suffer from health problems and the person is who overweight and obese needs help.  But there are so many others who suffer from a lack of nutrition and disease because they don't have any food to eat.

Lord, may we as believers feed the hungry and clothed the naked.  May we not just be mindful of those who are less fortunate.  May I see myself as a creation of Yours and that I see myself as a temple of Yours from what I eat to what I watch and see.  May I also have a love/love relationship with food.  May I learn to love food and may food love me back.


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