Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Freedom to be myself

Dear God,

Give me the courage to be myself.  Last night I have made some bad decisions and for that, I am truly sorry. Today, I realize that You have forgiven me of those bad decisions.

I just chopped off most of my hair.  Now I have to wait for it to grow.  I may need a stylist to shape my hair up.  I never did that before so this is quite exciting.  I look forward to being free.  I don't have to use a lot of products for one thing.  I am not sure I know what to do but I am looking for inspiration.

I ask that You would continually renew my mind so that I may be transformed by the renewal of said mind.  I have been doing well today yet I still feel like I am in a manic state.  My back was hurting and has been every time I get out of bed.  I wish that I knew why that is the case.

Jesus, I ask for Your healing.  I believe that nothing is an accident though there may be coincidences.  Who knows, but only You know?


Letters to God