Friday, August 16, 2013

I feel like I have the wrong ideas because I forgot about the right ones.

Dear Heavenly Father,

I do have a wrong view of food.  I am not trying to lose weight anymore.  I am going to just lose weight.  I have formulated my own plan.  I have been struggling long enough.  I have been stressed out for a while now and I cannot take it anymore.

I feel like a hamster in a wheel.  It is the same problems and the same cycles over and over and over again.  Not only do I need my mind renewed, I need to be transformed.  I need to change.  All I have to do is to keep it simple like I did in the past.

I started my own plan and my own goals.  I want to weigh 200 lbs and to keep it off.  I realize that it will take a while, but it will be worth it.  I am now using myfitnesspal which may be a problem in itself.  I have started my plan today.

As I am writing to You, I feel nervous about this.  Help me to relax and not stress out about this.  Why do I want to lose weight?  Do I really want to lose weight?  What do I want out of You?  I do need to lose weight and my desire is to lose weight and to keep it off.  I need to keep things and put things into perspective.  I need to learn to stand on my own two feet.  I want to lose weight.  I just don't have a motivation, but I have the motivation.

Help me.  I need You right now in all of this.

In Jesus' name,