Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Peace and rest

Dear God,

Today has been a rather interesting day.  My father is someone that I remember fondly.  He was a good dad and a good man.  I will miss him greatly.  I do wonder what life would be like had he lived.  He died of cancer many years ago today.  It was a day that I wish I could go back and change.  He led and interesting life rather.  Well, all I say is may he rest in peace.

I didn't have to go to the tutoring session today.  I hope that my student is doing well.  I am glad that I am doing something productive.  I am also learning myself.  I am just glad.  He is doing much better because of me.  I do wish I had paid more attention yesterday to his work instead of the movie that was playing in the house.  I am just glad that he has been helped.  I like the fact that his grandmother pushes him.

You have always been there for me and for that, I am thankful.  I hope to continue eating from a low calorie diet.  I would like to lose over 100 lbs.  However, I had no idea how less stress it is too eat a low calorie diet from a diet with a higher amount of calories.  I would like for this to continue.  Help me to overcome my weight loss fears.

I am just doing pretty well.  I don't feel bad about anything today. Thank You that I am alive and doing well.


Letters to God