Saturday, November 16, 2013

Intercession for those who are sick....

Dear Heavenly Father,

I am doing well.  I have to eat a little bit healthier if I desire to lose more weight.  However, I am eating over the calorie limit and I need help with that.  At least I am not binging.  I feel so much better health wise. 

I pray for those who are sick.  There are many I know who are sick and are in need of You.  Jesus, heal their minds, bodies, and souls.  Save them and heal them.  Touch them and make them whole.  May their faith make them whole and set them free from sickness.  With You, all things are possible.

I can believe that for others, but for me, it was difficult.  I need to read Your word more.  I am sorry that I have failed in that regard.  I am not as ready as I should be.  I need to be about Your work in doing and Your word in reading.  Life is just too short to waste my time.

In grand scheme of things, nothing else seems to matter but being a holy, righteous believer and pleasing You, Father.  I am happy because I am in a peaceful place right now.  You have given me peace, and for that, I thank You, Lord.

In Jesus' name,