Saturday, January 23, 2016

In need of a social life

Lord Jesus,

May I ask that I won't ask amiss. I need your help.  I need a social life, even though I am no social butterfly.  I have no job and no transportation of my own.  I ask for open doors so that my social network will expand.  I also ask for guidance and for forgiveness of all of my sins.  I need to learn to stand up for myself and to deal with other people.  I don't just want You to change my situation.  I want You to produce a change in me.  My desire is to also do what You have called me to do, whatever that is.  I have no idea what it is.  Therefore, I ask for a sense of direction in my life.  I sometimes have no idea what I should or rather, need to do.  So that is why I ask of You for help and for guidance.  Give me wisdom liberally so that I will answer whatever I am called to answer just in case someone asks me about You, Lord Jesus.  I give You thanks, O Lord.  Thank You further for the opportunity to present my request to You.

In Your name, Jesus