Friday, January 22, 2016

A Fresh Perspective

Dear Jesus,

Thank You for giving me a fresh perspective.  It was the perspective that I needed.  Help me to see things more clearly.  It is not just about my weight issues, but my entire life period.  The Bible explains the consequences of laziness, sloth, and gluttony.  I am guilty of all of those things.  Forgive me, Jesus, for those and all of my sins.  I ask that You would fill me with the Holy Spirit and give me further wisdom on that fresh perspective.  I realize that I need help with what is hard.  So I ask that You would help me to do what was hard like overcoming laziness, sloth, and gluttony.  Jesus, I ask for guidance in this area.  I feel like a hamster spinning a wheel.  I believe in health and fitness.  I just hope that I have not made them my God.  I ask that You will see that You are my God and that I am make You my first priority.  Again, I thank You for that fresh perspective that I so need.  I give You praise, in Your name,  Amen.