Friday, January 15, 2016

Dear Lord Jesus...

Lord Jesus,

I have often allowed myself to get caught up and burdened by the cares of this life.  I have been so bogged down by the problems of old that it seems hopelessness.  Lord, I know that Romans 12 is the answer and that it thankfully, is in Your word.  I ask for forgiveness as I confess I am a sinner, for I need You.  I will always need You.  I certainly have no idea how to live my life without You.  I will live for You and serve You.  I ask that You would show me how.  I surrender all of my life to You. Show me and give me guidance on those issues that are not just bothering me, but have been weighing me down as well.  I ask that You would lighten my load and allow me to learn from You. I have been under a lot of stress lately.  My health is one of those issues and so am I trying to change my mindset but it is a hard.  I don't know how to overcome these struggles.  I have tried but I have often felt like a failure.  I have made many many mistakes over the years and for that, I felt like, a failure.  Jesus, I just don't know what action to take.  I just have no idea what else I need to do.  I always rely on outside help but when it comes to helping myself, it is a struggle.  It is a challenge even learning how to take action.  I am scared that things will never change.  I am scared that I will never change.  Jesus, help me to overcome those fears.  I ask for the courage to not just live for You as a changed person but as a person who sees the world as it really is.  I need help also on how to change my mindset.  I know I expect the perfect day too much, I expect ease too much, but I would like to know that a mistake doesn't have to spell doom.  I would like to know for myself that something that is only temporary doesn't have to spell permanence.  I don't have to stay down and I can take action.  I ask that You would show me how.    I give You praise and thanks for listening to this prayer and for all else, especially salvation, Lord.

In Your name,