Friday, December 18, 2015

Putting You First


I confess.  I feel kind of "dirty" and ashamed at times at some of my behavior over the years.  Forgive me, Lord, of those behaviors.  They include watching movies and television shows that don't honor You.  I need to ask myself if they honor God.  I need to consult You whether or not it could be soaps, sports, movies, or even reality shows.  I avoid most prime time shows not because of You, but because I get scared of the obsessive thoughts and what each show contains.  Forgive me, Father, for my sins.  You want me to be pure in heart, enduring, and obedient.  I don't think it is possible if all I focus on are works of fiction or sports based on what the obsessive thoughts say.  Thoughts will always come, and do they arrive suddenly.  I had to think about that today as I was watching clips and reading up on gossip.  I wish I had the mindset of not caring about the content or if I can tell the difference between what is fiction and what is real.  I don't however, but I would like to change that, Lord.  I ask that You would not only forgive me, but that You would change my mindset.  Change me, Lord.  I cannot follow You if I am stuck on what to watch or read or listen to something.  I thank You for forgiving me of my sins and of hearing my prayers.

In Jesus' name,