Saturday, December 12, 2015

Pure motives and a pure heart

Heavenly Father,

Who am I?  Why am I here?  I wonder about that sometimes.  I also wonder what is Your will for my life.  I have no clue still however.  So, what is my purpose on this planet?  My desire is to live for You, serve You out of love, and to be a pure-hearted Christian with pure motives.  I trust in You, but I don't trust myself or my motives.  Father, forgive me for not always living or thinking with pure motives.  Impure and selfish motives scare me and I thank You that You answer prayers, mine included.  I thank Jesus Christ for making me a new, saved and changed Christian in Him.  I also ask for the wisdom to carry whatever knowledge that I have.  Lord, I am still worried about things.  Lord, I ask for peace of mind since I am not supposed to be anxious, but wise and thankful whenever I pray.  I am ever most thankful.

In Jesus' name,