Saturday, December 19, 2015

A "Letter" about guilt

Heavenly Father,

I ask for forgiveness of all of my sins.  I feel like I am sinning willfully despite the fact that Jesus is our Advocate.  I just feel like I am also in need of patience. Grant me patience that I may gain wisdom in all things.  I ask You for wisdom and guidance in a personal matter.  I don't know what else to write except I have brought it on myself.  I don't know what else to do.  I feel like I have made things worse because of the holiday season.  I ask for Your help in this personal matter.  I have been anxious about this matter.  It does not help me that I still have anxiety.  I believe that You will answer my prayers.  I just don't know how to get rid of the anxiety.  Most of the time when I ask for this personal matter, I get nervous.  It could be the enemy telling more or trying to convince me that You won't answer my prayer.  Without asking amiss, I ask to submit to You.  I know that he is the father of lies and that he will flee.  I also ask that my mind stayed on thee.  Thank You for giving me peace of mind and I thank You further for increasing my faith.  I also give You thanks for listening to me, for You are greater than my issues, so I give You praise, for You are worthy of it. I just feel guilty of making my personal problems worse and I don't know how to overcome those issues.  That is why I ask You for patience, wisdom, and guidance.

In Jesus' name,