Sunday, December 13, 2015

Personal matter

Heavenly Father,

Thank You for answering my prayers. I have issues on a personal matter and I have no idea how to express myself on this matter.  Teach me how to pray without asking amiss.  Teach me how to pray for this personal and all matters.  I need help and guidance in all personal matters without doubting coming from the enemy and without wrath.  I am not good in dealing with this personal matter and I need Your help.  I also ask for wisdom and clarity on this said matter.  I have been anxious about this personal matter because it is a big matter to me.  I try to say the right words and I try to pray in faith about this issue.  I believe that You are greater than any personal issue I may have but my faith has been shaken in this matter.  I just don't know how to deal with this or how to pray about this.  Show me, Lord, what I need to do without asking amiss.  Your answer will be appreciated for I give thanks in advance for Your answers.

In Jesus' name,