Friday, February 13, 2015

Intercessory prayer for salvation

Heavenly Father,

I ask for the salvation of my family.  Today will not be about me today.  I pray for others today as I have been wondering about the end of days sort of speak.  Judgement Day will be upon us in the near future and I will have to give an account to You for how I have lived my life.  I ask that You would save my loved ones.  You know them by name and all else.  You know all about them.  Thank You for being the Omniscient One.  I ask that You would do a mighty work in their lives.  Save them as You have saved me.  I pray and ask for the salvation of my whole household.  Give them the wisdom that You have given me.  My prayer is that they receive You as Lord and Savior and that they do not reject You.  May they all live for You and serve You all the days of their lives. May they not just believe but receive and be a blessing to others and a witness and testimony unto You.  May they bless You and praise You in all things and may You be first in their lives.  Open their eyes that they would see that one day there will be no "second chance" as we only live once.  I thank You in advance for saving them,

In Jesus' name,