Sunday, January 11, 2015

Unforgiveness and wonderment

Dear Heavenly Father,

I wonder if unforgiveness and fear are what causing these issues.  I am not sure and I am not sure to pray for dealing with unforgiveness, fear, and anxiety.  I have been having all of these issues for so long that I wonder if unforgiveness is the root cause of all of my issues.  Should I also get advice from a counselor as I have been isolated, resentful, and filled with guilt, condemnation, and self -consciousness?  I wonder if this too is a form of idolatry?  I have isolated myself to the point where I have been unable to apply what I have learned to any area of my life and also I am so isolated that I have had crushes and obsessions on other people, living or dead.  I sometimes think that I am not only lazy, but bitter, resentful, and just plain crazy.  Could even that stems from unforgiveness?  It is a sin that has been hard to deal with but so has life.  I need help.

In Jesus' name,