Tuesday, June 17, 2014

I pray we'll all be ready

Dear God,

I had a pretty good day.  I am listening to this song called "I pray we'll all be ready" and I can relate.  I don't want to be the only one in my family who will be ready.  I am also concerned that I won't be ready.  Show me what I need to do.  Help me to see always that my body is Your temple and that I need to honor and take care of it.  I wonder if it is the case with me.   Am I taking care of myself?  Have I fully honored You and my body?

I can also relate to the fact that there is so much I want to do when I am still here.  I want nothing more than to be ready for Your return.  I want and desire holiness.  I want to focus on the eternal.  I ask for the assurance that I am born again.  I don't want to pray words that sound good enough to hopefully get my prayers answered.  I want to have my prayers answered because of faith in You.

I have had issues with that for years and I have no clue about what else to do.  Life is just too short and I feel like I haven't accomplished much.  I am too careful or not careful enough.  I would like to be modest, eat in moderation, not to mention live life at a happy medium.  The truth is, I wonder about things like have I tried to gain the whole world at the cost of my soul?

I have a lot of questions about that.  Am I really ready?  How do I prepare myself for Your return, Jesus? Am I being one of the five wise or one of the five foolish virgins?  I have had doubts about being saved for years now and it seems like I shouldn't have these doubts, but the fact of the matter is, I do.  It is scary because it is reality based unlike the ones about infidelity or nude pictures being sent.  I have had thoughts based on ungodly things for years and I need to help and continue thinking on what is true, fair-minded, lovely, just, and of good report.  I realize that what I am thinking has a lot to do with my eternal destiny because of the obvious connection between thinking and doing.  But what I am doing and what is in my heart is just as important if not more so.  Sometimes I have difficulty expressing myself but what I am trying to point out is that holiness is required for a believer.

May I grow in You.  I am Yours.  Help me to be still and know that You are God.


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