Sunday, February 23, 2014

My weighty issues

Dear God,

Yesterday I was writing and copy and pasting about how I felt about a woman's infidelity.  The truth is, I have been cheating for a long time.  I am an overweight diabetic who doesn't wish to be an overweight diabetic in the near future.  I am sick and tired doesn't help me.  However, I want, need, and desire to change.  I have been overwhelmed with wanting to lose weight which makes it worse.  Losing weight is hard and I wonder if Weight Watchers is for me.  I have been given so much support and so much information that I cannot process it all in my head.  I need help.  I need for show to show me what I need to do.  Please.

  I could use some wisdom right about now.  I have gained weight over the years and I have a desire to lose weight, but my fear is that I will never lose it.  I fear that my future will be of a very large woman who will have a much harder time losing weight.  I am already self-conscious of my weight and my self-esteem is low.

 I am not sure what I need to do.  All I know to do is that I need help.  I am in an urgent stage to lose weight and maybe that urgency is my problem.  I want to start off slow, and make changes.  I want to follow the plan and even count points.  I guess I need to find the root of the problem.  Maybe I am approaching things all wrong.  Lord, help me.  I give You my problems.  I believe that You are greater than my lack of patience, my urgency, and whatever else is ailing me.  I ask for rest and I will learn of You, for I am burdened with the cares of this life.  Help me to see what is most important.  Help me to keep it simple.

In Jesus' name,