Monday, February 17, 2014

Motivation and energy

Dear Heavenly Father,

Today has been pretty decent.  I would like to know how to spend my time exercising instead of napping.  I do sleep a lot.  I have other goals in mind and I would like to keep to those goals.  I have gained almost all of my weight back.  I have had issues for a long time and I know You know about my struggles in advance.  God, all I ask is that You would help me.  I am investing in this and I don't wish for it to go down the drain.  I don't want to waste time or waste my investment on doing just anything.  I want to be able to improve.  It seems easy but things don't come easy for me.  Help me.  Continue to motivate me and give me the will and energy to lose weight.  I thank You for doing so.


Letters to God