Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Applications to my life

Dear Lord,

Show me how to apply my written goals and affirmations, and Your word to my daily life.  Also help me to not give up.  I have my doubts about quite a few things and I turn those doubts over to You.  I hope that I have prayed about those doubts today.  I would like to change.  I want to change, but for You.  Help me to live a life that fully glorifies You.  There are things that I am weaning myself from.  I love listening to music and entertaining myself, but there are things that I am no longer interested in.  I wonder if it has something to do with You telling me that I have been too comfortable.  To me, being comfortable is like living the same day over and over again without change and with safety.  How do I change that?  Help me and give me guidance on how to live out my days.  Thank You for doing so.

In Jesus' name,