Sunday, February 16, 2014

Help with conquering anxiety and fear


I cannot believe that I am praying about this.  I am asking You to help me allow to experience my anxiety.  It is getting in the way of living.  I have been fearful and anxious for so long, that I forgot what it is like to actually experience things.  I have been safe and comfortable.  Last made I was incredibly uncomfortable when I tried to sleep.  Little did I know that what was bothering me no longer bothers me.  Thank You for answering my prayers.  I really do appreciate it.  Help me to overcome low self-esteem and fear issues.  I need help facing my fears, but I don't know what I need to do.  Give me the strength and wisdom to overcome my fears, whatever they are.  I feel so great right now.  I am here to express my gratitude.  I am free so far.  I have some idea about encountering things that I fear, including triggers to new and maybe even scarier obsessive thoughts.  I don't wish to avoid things anymore.  I rather just live life to the fullest.  Help me with this.


Letters to God