Monday, February 10, 2014

Important issues such as trafficking.

Dear God,

You are my love song.  I didn't understand that at first, but that song is so comforting and so relaxing.  It is supposed to speak to my heart but spoke to my mind instead.  I believe that love songs are not only about love, but the joy of love.  It uplifts and speaks to those who wish to be inspired.  I don't normally go this deep whenever I listen to a song, but I am assuming that is what the song means.

I realize that I am in need of help.  I don't want to get frustrated.  I want to learn and to grow.  I don't think I am neither learning nor growing.  My spiritual life seems to be up and down and my health while improved, I am afraid will be compromised by a continually bad diet.  Give me the strength and motivation to lose weight and keep it off.  I realize that I needed to have my own reasons to lose weight and I saw what could be my future and I didn't want any part of that.  Help me to keep things simpler by applying what I have "learned" to my current diet and lack of exercise routine.  I feel like giving up sometimes, but I am going to move on.  I want to learn what to eat, how to deal with food triggers, when to eat, and how to eat.  Lord, give me the guidance as only You can, to do what I would like to do because of my health and other matters.

I was listening to the radio about children in India being a part of the human trafficking trade.  That is just so awful.  I wonder if it is too much to say this, but I wonder if that what is what like for my ancestors, being trafficked into a strange world where the peoples usually did not look like them, talk or even think like them. I personally cannot imagine what it was like for those who were sold as sex slaves or just slaves period.  In the US, slavery of nearly an entire race is not an issue, but enslavement of men, women, and children are still being victimized by human trafficking.  Lord, what can I do to help?  Everytime I read or hear about this, it seems like I could do more and that You would intervene somehow.  I wish that no one was being trafficked or sold.  Lord, forgive those who benefit and take part in the trafficking of others for they will have their "reward" or "punishment".  Help and save those, Jesus, who are being trafficked.  May their cries not be unheard.


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