Tuesday, February 25, 2014

I need changing

Dear God,

Today has been a rather solemn day.  I am not depressed or anything like that.  However, I feel like life in general is just plain dull.  I need to remind myself that others go through worse.  There are those who are martyred for their faith.  I wonder if they complain about their lot or if it is just their fate because they are believers in Christ.  We are to pray for one another, for they are my brethren.  I tend to forget them because I am too selfish and too self-centered.  It is so wrong and I ask for Your forgiveness.  I also tend to be judgmental.  If someone else had those qualities, I would not want to hang out with them.  I don't always like myself.  It is not a judgment or self-esteem things.  It is a character flaw thing.  How do I follow Jesus when I have such flaws?  I need to change and I need Your help in changing me.


Letters to God