Saturday, February 22, 2014

Letter to God about a woman't infidelity

Dear God,

I have had thoughts about infidelity for many years.  I am a judgmental person.  I don't see how a woman can cheat on a good man.  I felt bad about that because my thoughts are unrealistic.  Deep down inside, I see myself as a judgmental individual who is adhering to a double standard of sorts.  I find myself curious, yet I find myself angry.  It is upsetting to hear about, read, or see an adulterous woman.  It is interesting since Gomer in the Bible was an adulterous woman who her husband truly loved.  I don't even know if she ever truly loved him.  She may have loved him at one time, but I will never know.  That isn't the point in my opinion.  Gomer committed adultery and prostitution, yet her husband still loved her.  I can only imagine the pain that Hosea went through.

That is the problem.  I can only imagine.  I am isolated yet I feel isolated from the real world.  I want to see an adulterous woman hurt the way she hurt her "loved" one.  I felt that the adulterous woman was a bigger fool than an adulterous man.  The truth is, I have seemed to hate the deeds and dislike adulterous women for I don't think that they have morals.  But that is also what the thoughts say.  Why do I feel that way?  Will I ever truly know?  Are these only theories or is it based on what I think is the truth?  The problem is, all I have are questions, scenarios, and uncertainties.  I would why a woman would cheat.  I wondered how many she also slept with and what happened to her.  Was she rewarded for it with alimony payments from the scorned husband?  Did she lose everything?  Was she killed?  I have written stories about adulterous women and they have been graphic and exaggerated.  I have felt better since I have written about them, yet I was afraid of reading them.  Hopefully, I will feel better about how I feel about women and infidelity.


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