Monday, September 16, 2013

My housing situation

Dear God,

I need help.  I want to listen to your voice audibly.  As You know, I am not a good listener.  I am concerned that I may not be one of Your sheep and that I won't know that the voice is Yours.  I need wisdom to do what I need to do to make sure my credit is solid and that my debts are paid off.  My income is low and I have no job.  I don't know where to begin.  I want and need to move out for my piece of mind and sanity.  I wish I could go and just pack up but that is not realistic.  Help me to find a realistic solution to this situation.  I want to move in to the house across the street.  I would like to find a place of my own.  I am praying for a financial breakthrough.  I need more than $100,000 to put up the money for the house plus other expenses.  I have been told that it would be unrealistic considering my expenses correlating with both my credit and my low income.  I am hopeful however these limits have helped me see this realistically.  I know that with You all things are possible but I need to be realistic.  How can I get the financial help I need to purchase this house with what little I have?  It is almost impossible.  It will be hard to buy a house this way.  I cannot afford to pay a loan back without having to sell the house later on.  Then not to mention all of those taxes.  What should I do?  Where should I go?  Should I look into alternatives?


Letters to God