Thursday, September 19, 2013

Growing up

Dear Heavenly Father,

Thank You for the day I had.  I feel more relief than anything.  I have had my thoughts but I realize that there are times when I have to learn to do things myself and stand on my own two feet.  Help me to see that I am just as good as anybody else.  As You well know, I have become more self-conscious about my weight and about my appearance than ever before.  I hate conflict, yelling and screaming, rejection, and disapproval.  That is a reason why my self-esteem is low.  Now that I have identified the reasons, help me to overcome those fears as I cast all of my cares to You.  I need help in this area and I have struggled with this for years like I have struggled with my weight.  I hope that it doesn't put too much pressure on me like my weight did.  I am easily stressed yet You are there for me.  If You are there for me, then why am I stressed?  Help me.


Letters to God