Thursday, September 26, 2013

Facing my fears

Dear God,

I was listening to a sermon about fear.  Help me to face my fears.  It seems that I fear everything.  I don't know how to face my fears.  I feel alone in this.  I ask for Your wisdom in all of this.  I need Your strength to overcome those fears.

I got this idea from a post written on a website and I got to thinking about it.  I need to face my fears instead of run away from them.  Should I write about them and expose them? What should I do?

It would be nice to overcome my fears and just move forward with living life.  I would be the wiser and stronger for it.  I can only imagine living a fearless life.  I am not sure about facing my fears however.

They seem so large and so varied.  Help me, Lord to face those fears and to overcome them.  I am not to supposed to live life full of fear but full of hope.


Letters to God