Sunday, September 15, 2013

Acts 8:38

Dear God,

Acts 8:38 is such an amazing verse and amazing story. Phillip baptized an Ethiopian eunuch, but I what I wonder if that if You want me to be baptized.  I know that I have been baptized, but do You want me to be baptized again?  Would You like for me to preach and baptize others?  What is Your will for me, for my life?  Thank You for such an amazing verse and story.  What is Your calling for me?  I ask that You would fill me with Your Holy Spirit.  May He also teach me what lessons I have to learn starting from today.  I am not sure what You are speaking to me about with Acts 8:38, so I ask You to show me how to apply Your word, especially this verse, to my daily life.  I thank You for doing so.


Letters to God