Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Help me to see...

Dear Lord,

Help me to see what beauty is all about.  I want to be a beautiful person inside and out, or so it seems.  Inner beauty I have learned is far more important than outer beauty.  Outer beauty is subjective while inner beauty is not.  It is fixed.  Inner beauty is about a person's heart and their character.  I have been told that I have a beautiful personality and I am a nice person.  Yet others see me as ugly or don't really talk about how I look.

It is hard to see myself as beautiful sometimes as my self-esteem is low.  Help me to see myself as beautiful on the outside as well as the inside.  I never really thought of myself deep down as beautiful.  If someone were to tell me that, then I would have a hard time believing that.  I am overweight, short, and wear glasses because I am nearsighted.  That is what I see as well as the huge stomach that I have.

It is frustrating to be me sometimes.  I want to lose weight.  I diet and exercise yet I am still doing something wrong.  Okay, I need to learn to eat better than I have been.  I need to be mindful.  I pray for a direction of my paths, guidance, and wisdom.  Help me to be wise to the world and how I see people.  I am fighting a battle that I sometimes believe I could win.  Help me to see myself in a more positive light.  May I resist the devil and he will flee from me.  Help me to be a confident woman who stands on her own two feet.  Help me to see that I too am smart, beautiful, and not just someone who has to hide or feel sorry for herself.

I want to be humble and kind yet gracious and not a pushover.  Give me the courage to say no sometimes.  I need wisdom, guidance, and direction in my life.  God, help me, and thank You.

In Jesus' name,