Thursday, April 21, 2016

Miraculous opening


I need help.  I know that I need to change.  The truth is I need to, but do I want to?  Yes, I do now.  I have doubts about my reasoning.  I admit that I have made little to no progress.  I am here to write that I could use a miracle here.  My mind is stuck on one thing but I can't or won't budge.  I need to be taught new tricks. I need to help myself,  I realize that I am looking at what is hard and what it insurmountable.  The odds are great.  I have prayed about this often.  I am seeing other people for counsel.  Lord, I would like to go out more and I feel confused and lonely.  I don't like this feeling. I don't like the groundhog day life.  I am ready to do other things and meet new people.  No matter what my options are, I still feel weak and powerless.  Lord, where do I start?  How do I gain control finally?

In Jesus' name,

Letters to God