Monday, April 18, 2016

Dealing with and overcoming procrastination

Lord, I wish to pour my heart out to You.  It is about being a procrastinator.   Why am I like this?  I would like to and I need to change.  I have discussed my being fear and anxious, I guess.  It was a nice beautiful prayer in which I poured out my whole heart.  Sometimes, I believe that I will never do what I am supposed to do.  What I am supposed to do is exercise and eat healthy.  I would like to know if I can do that.  My biggest fear is to lose weight by just diet or just exercise.  I would like to do both. I seem to have no idea how, even if it is the simplest thing to do.  I wish I were to do and follow directions for diet and healthy eating.  I have taken too much of my medication, where I ended up feeling groggy.  I have been out of it since all afternoon.  I need Your guidance,  I ask for help.  I don't know what else to say or what else to do.  I have dealt with procrastination for a long time when it comes to exercise.  I am more ready to lose weight and to take care of myself now more than ever before.  I ask for clarity.  Why do I procrastinating?  I have trouble taking action, even if it is for the long haul.  What do I need to make the right decision?  Your help is needed and appreciated.  Thank You that with You, all things are possible.

In Jesus' name,