Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Do I really? I have doubts.


I would like a change in my life.  I would like a change in me. As I am writing You, I have to realize that I may not be truly born again.  I have asked Jesus to come into my heart, but I am not sure even after nearly two decades, if I am a true Christian.  How can I be a witness if I am not a true Christian? Right now, what if I have doubts about being born again due a doubt about my faith about the Crucifixion and the fact that You rose Him from the Jesus?  Now, I have wondered if even though one is saved by faith.  I thank You that You overcame the flesh, the enemy, and the world.  Have I been saved by faith?  I am scared that I will be hearing that You never knew me for I am not a true believer.  I am a bit torn.  Would only the so-called religious, saved or not, have these thoughts? I recall Jesus told the disciples about the Holy Spirit.  I realize that true believers in Christ will have problems and will be persecuted.  I cannot imagine living in a nation where I have virtually no right to live in some people's eyes because of my beliefs.  I just have my doubts.  If I have doubts for whatever reason, then how come is it sometimes I don't know all that You have tried to convict me? I ask for the assurance of my salvation, if that is even biblical.  Have I been saved and truly grafted into the faith?  Only You have the answer.  I am asking for that answer.  I have been anxious for a long time now whether it is about salvation or someone or something else.  Anxiety is a serious issue that I have.  How do I become saved?  What must I do to be saved?  I thank You for Your answer.


Letters to God