Monday, April 25, 2016

Decision to take action


I have decided to take action, but I need to know what to do.  I ask for the guidance to further take action and the direction to go towards my goal, or rather goals.  I have many goals such as obsessive thoughts, dieting, and overall weight loss.  I am overwhelmed and have been in the past.  I need Your help.  Where I begin?  I personally would like to start life over.  I believe that being overwhelmed has to do with impatience and anxiety.  Help me to overcome these things.  I ask that You would give me the strength to do just that.  Help me to do what seems impossible, at least to me.  I have done what is hard before.  I can do it again.  Lord, help me to make even the small goals more realistic.  I need the clarity that I so ask so that I have overcome being overwhelmed easily.  That is what I wished I had said.

I pray this in the name of Jesus Christ,

I thank You.