Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Direction and answers needed


I am learning.  I put You and make You as my first Priority.  I confess that I do procrastinate and that is a problem.  I have these options, but I also am in need of guidance.  Should I do a follow up of the kind of help I need?  The real reasons I procrastinate are the failure aspect, and also, I feel as if I am controlled.  I feel I have to ask permission to get help.  I have waited too long to try to and get help. It is as if no matter what, I have no control over my life.  I admit that I have no made any progress.  My life has not changed.  I have changed however.  I need Your help in this matter.  Help me to make the right decisions.  Where should I do?  What should I do?  Who else should I talk to?  I really do appreciate the help and the advice I have been given.  I also have tried, or rather, have not been proactive.  I will not make any excuses.  My desire is to change my life.  Looking at my autobiographies, I want and need change.  It has been my desire.  I ask not only for guidance, but for clarity and for direction.  I ask for growth in my faith and I feel as if I have people counting on me. I don't want to feel that way.  However, I feel like I am.  I am waiting for this and that and I don't like it.  My fate seems to be in other people's hands.  That is how feel.  What do I need to do because I feel like I am being anything but free in my mindset?  In other words, I want to speak out and I want to do what is okay by me.  I just am in such need right now, but I have my doubts.  How do I overcome these doubts?  Lord, I am in need of You.  Lord, I am in need of my guidance.

Thank You, and continue to give You thanks.

In Jesus' name,