Thursday, November 12, 2015

In need of a connection and some clarity

Lord Jesus,

Forgive me of my sins.  Take care of my, Lord, and heal me.  I prayed about this.  I could not take it anymore because I feel a total disconnect from You.  Everything I do is just something that takes place within a cycle.  Sometimes it is hard to explain.  I need help in breaking the cycles, compulsions, and bad habits that have been holding me back to put it mildly.  They have done worse. I had so many plans for myself but I realize that those plans can't come to fruition unless I go ahead and take some action.  I have got to stand up for myself and put You first.  I am so sorry, but I have no idea how or where to begin.  I ask for forgiveness for failure to put You first and to love and respect myself.  I have lied, held back, broken promises, and I just feel like a failure.  I confess that I need You, Lord Jesus.  I need Your help.  My life is stagnant and nothing seems to work out for me. I believe I have a lot to offer and people who are willing to help me.  I take that help and I offer myself to You, Lord.  I ask that You would give me wisdom, guidance, and a sense of direction in my life as You see it.  Lord, I wish that I had seen things this clearly before.  I thank You that You know all things and that You have an answer to this prayer.

In Your name,