Tuesday, November 17, 2015

God's forgiveness, guidance, and wisdom


Thank You for forgiving me.  I apologize if I came across as disrespectful.  I have issues stemming from years back and I would like for things to change. My petition is to help me to overcome and deal with anxiety.  How do I tell You how I feel about things without being disrespectful.  Help me to overcome my doubts and strengthen my faith.  Help me to see that Your Word is faithful and true at all times.  Give me the patience that I so need.  I also ask for the wisdom that I need to live my life. According to the book of James, You give wisdom liberally.  I am in need of the wisdom to carry out the knowledge of Your Word that I have.  My desire and petition is to be a wise person who is a woman of character, integrity, and of course, patience.  I admit that patience is not one of my virtues but I admit that I have gotten more patient over the years though the progress has been slow.  I ask that You would give we guidance so that may be a wise person who lives my life serving You and leading others to Christ.  I thank You for answering this prayer and I ask for all of these things in the name of Jesus Christ.