Saturday, November 28, 2015

Being grateful and pure


I don't wish to hold back.  I need the courage to fact whatever is going on to me.  My desires are to be honest and to be grateful.  Give me a fresh perspective and wisdom.  I need to set things straight and I take full responsibility for my actions.  I have lied and I have been a coward.  Father, I have to first seek Your kingdom and Your righteousness.  I realize that, but what does that mean?  How do I first seek Your kingdom and be pure in heart in motives?  I put trust in You, but I don't trust respect.  I ask for change because that is my desire. I also ask to be forgiven and to be more forgiven.  Those are two things that I ask will be added to me.  I also ask that You would strengthen.  Open my eyes and give me a fresh perspective on my own responsibilities and my issues.  I ask this, and I thank You for answering my prayers.  Thank You for listening to me.  In Jesus' name,  Amen.