Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Taking charge of my health


Help me to take charge of my health. I have had difficulty with doing such.  I am a binge eater and I know that I need help.  The problem is, well the real problem is, I expect others to help me while I have great difficulty doing it myself.  It has been a mere struggle.  It is a lot of pressure because I wish to lose weight and keep it off.  My worst fears have come true.  My goals are to exercise, eat healthy, and keep the weight off.  That has been a goal for a while now, but I wasn't sure what I should do and what my exact goals are.  I ask that You would guide me and take away my anxiety, especially when it comes to this issue.  I appreciate and give You thanks for the issue that You have given me.  I ask for wisdom for I have knowledge that I wouldn't know what to do with.  Thank You for that wisdom, Lord.  Thank You for strengthening my faith and encouraging me.

In Jesus' name,