Saturday, September 26, 2015

My own soul and my own life


So I was watching this movie called "Sunday Morning Rapture" and it got me to thinking about my own soul and my own life.  How do I examine myself to see if I am of the faith?  How do I not worry and be so anxious all of the time?  What does it also mean to work out our salvation with fear and with trembling? I know for now that at the end of the movie, those who were left behind were wailing and crying, realizing their fate.  I realize that there will be many who will be like the people in the church in that movie.  I don't want to be left behind.  I do realize that I have not always done Your will.  Lord, I am afraid that I won't be ready. I have finally realized that there is much work to be done.  You have given all of us a job to do and much is required of us.  Unfortunately, I am failing and I have failed to do so, Lord.  Forgive me of this and all of my sins.  The truth is, how do I do what is required of me?  I know that I am supposed to do Your will, but I have no clue what Your will is.  I don't want to be saved just because I want to go to Heaven, but to also love, cherish, and serve You.  I remember once I had no real knowledge of You back in the day.  I also recall believing in You and being saved from that moment on.  I didn't always act like a saved person and I have done things that I know were and still are wrong.  Lord, forgive me of those sins.  I want to be a changed person.  I want to be a new person in Christ.  I want to be a saved, obedient believer in the Lord Jesus Christ who is enduring and remained faithful to You.  I ask for these things, because I want my life to be a story of a person who lived according to Your will because of obedience.

Thank You for answering this, and every other prayer.  In Jesus' name,  Amen.